30 gru 2010

A little something

I mean, I've got tons of stuff I could put up here.. Or do I..?

What is the whole idea to publish ca. one post per month really about? Should I stick to this rule? Or should I just give it up?

Do I fulfill myself artistically publishing on this blog?

If this blog is public why I don't advertise it in any way? Would I like someone to see this blog or not?

Why do I keep multiplying my blogs if I don't update them on a regular basis? Would I like to have a blog that I would update on a regular basis? What should I publish there? Should it be "artististic" stuff or just some personal stuff or something in between?

Do I really think that blogs are this interesting and that they tell stories about human lives, whether they like it or not? Would I like people to know my story? What story should I tell them?

Out of this chaos there will be an answer..

22 gru 2010

Ciasny, ale wlasny

Mysle (pragne..? .. marze..??), by kiedys z perspektywy czasu spojrzec na te choinke i powiedziec: "Pamietasz nasza pierwsza choinke..?"..